Like most late twenty-somethings, I grew up in a world without digital cameras and social media. My first love affair with photography was carting around a disposable camera everywhere I went during my junior high and high school days. I didn’t know what an SLR camera was or what shutter speed and aperture priority meant, I just knew I was obsessed with taking pictures of anything and everything.

The first time I really learned anything about the art of photography was my freshman year of college when I took a photography class for fine arts credit. I learned how to use a “real” camera and how to develop my own film and prints in a darkroom. That class made me realize that I was actually kind of good at this photography thing, or at least I had the potential to be. I switched my college major to mass media and my minor to studio art, convinced my parents that I had to have their digital camera, and never looked back. Now I’m finally the proud owner of a decent outfit of gear (I’m a devoted Canon girl)…

I originally moved to Nashville to pursue a career in audio engineering, but for some reason time and circumstance has turned my heart more toward being a professional photographer and graphic designer. So everything you see here on my website is documenting my journey of trial and error (and success!) as I pursue and learn more everyday about what it means and looks like to live a life as a hired gun, a full-time freelancer. My dreams and goals consist of building a career as a professional photographer and designer, all the while being as excellent and efficient as possible in order to use my talent and developed skills to somehow make a positive impact on the world around me. I plan to travel and share my photo expeditions with you and I hope that they will inspire you and give you an insight to how I see the world through my lens.

Thanks for visiting! If you have any photography or design needs please contact me and I’d love to work with you.

Kindell Brinay Moore
B.A. Mass Media/Studio Art
P.P.A. (Professional Photographers of America) Member


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