Musician’s Corner: Green River Ordinance

On most Saturday afternoons in the months of May-August (approximately), Nashville has this really awesome free community event called Musician’s Corner in Centennial Park. It’s an event for locals and tourists alike to hear some amazing music on a beautiful lawn setting with food trucks everywhere and the cutest dogs you’ve ever seen competing for the title “dog of the day.” Yesterday one of my favorite bands, Green River Ordinance, played a set between Gregory Alan Isakov opening and then Matt Wertz headlining the afternoon. I went to the show with my camera ready for action, of course, and got some shots that I absolutely love. I hope this isn’t creepy, but I even listened to their music while editing these photos! I left the show even more of a fan than I was before.

Check out their current music and upcoming album on their website!

(My personal favorite is “Goodbye L.A.”)


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