The Warmest Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from KBP&D! I hope that your December was one to remember and that your New Year sparkled with hope for whatever 2013 will bring. My December was packed full of things to do and places to go and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I had some wonderful fellowship with friends at Christmas parties and wrapped up as many outstanding projects as I could (and as many presents as I could.) I had the grand opportunity to go visit my family in New Mexico and also my boyfriend’s family in Arizona. Now, being a Southwestern girl at heart, my Arizona photos are the ones I would like to share with you. We went horseback riding in Scottsdale and I was able to take some photos before the ride, but they wouldn’t let me take my camera on the horse (sad, but probably a good idea, hehe.) I might sneak in a few of my iPhone photos from the saddle though! We also went treasure hunting at an amazing antique store in Chandler so I’ll be sharing some Pinterest projects in the future that will feature some of my findings. Check back soon and enjoy my photos from The Warmest Christmas!


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